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Holiday Tablescape
Three Different Ways

Are you hosting a holiday event this year? Here at Loewen Design Studios we are excited to celebrate with our friends and family this year. Our tables are very versatile and we are excited to show you how three employees styled three of our live edge stock walnut tables three different ways. 

Sharon's Tablescape

Sharon works in customer service here at Loewen Design Studios. Sharon chose a blue and silver color palette with greenery accents. The napkins and ornaments match her beautiful china pattern. Her wine glasses and crystal bowl are beautiful and lend elegance to the tablescape.  Sharons table is a live edge walnut 36" x 72" table with gray legs (Coming Soon). 

Holly's Tablescape

Holly works in marketing and lighting production here at Loewen Design Studios. Holly designed a gold and greenery modern tablescape. Using classic gold rimmed china and gold rimmed wine glasses. Tying it all together with some simple candles. Holly's table is a live edge walnut 36" x 72" table with new gold legs (Coming Soon). 

Ren's Table

Ren works in operations here at Loewen Design Studios. They went with a bright candy candy inspired tablescape. With beautiful ribbon wrapped legs and poinsettas on the table this table brings a fun and modern twist to classic holiday colors. Ren's table is a live edge walnut  36" x 72" table with white legs (Coming Soon) wrapped in red ribbon.

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