Walnut Radius Roundover


the top edge of the table is rounded so there isn't any corner, just a smooth transition from the top surface to the sides. this smooth transition eases the table making it an excellent table for a warm comfortable feel

each of the four corners has been cut for a round corner. with the rounded top edge this accentuates the comfort of the table, making it easy to walk around, and easy to sit at. it also helps keep the table safe for any children who might be running by without any hard corners to run into

we call this style of leg the chevron leg, as it has an elegant chevron shape on the floor. like your table top these legs are made from solid walnut. they're as sturdy as they are elegant and provide your table with plenty of support while finishing the elegant look that is the _________ collection.

We believe it's all about the details. So we made sure to get them right.

the edge.

a simple curve to the top edge of the table softens an entire walnut table, making the hardwood seem soft as a pillow. it truly is amazing what a half inch can do. 

the corner.

if a half inch can work wonders on the top edge, then three is perfect for the corners. without any sharp corners the table is wonderful for any use

the chevron legs.

they've become one of our signature legs. they are light pretty and sturdy as anything. what more could you be looking for under your table?

the walnut.

it's solid walnut, a hardwood from North America. the legs, the top, even when we cut all the corners off we still don't cut corners. and as always, its worth while.

the adjustable feet.

all our wood legs have adjustable feet underneath to allow you to level your table on any floor. this table will be able to work with any space you put it in, for as long as you have it.

the comfort.

a table is a place to come together, with family, with friends. this table is designed to be comfortable for you to gather around for dinners, games nights, and anything else


-Faith in Rhode Island

Thank you all soooo much! The table is stunning!!! We could not be happier and it looks so pretty in the kitchen!!

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