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Designing Glenbow. A Fluted Pedestal Dining Table

Designing Glenbow. A Fluted Pedestal Dining Table

The Glenbow is a collection of designs all based around the same idea, a fluted pedestal table base. This design is inspired by tambour doors and is an alternative to our more rigid Chapman and Foster bases. The process of designing this collection went through many iterations, with many hours spent in the shop, and finally we found our ideal build that makes a wonderful table base, and makes it highly flexible for your individual needs.

Where We Started

We’ve been offering the Foster and Chapman bases for some time, and they are fantastic bases! We have so much love for these bases, they offer a wonderful pedestal for a large round table, they can also work for oval tables but as they are round bases they work much better on round table tops. 

The Glenbow style was designed specifically to be flexible in this way. It can be a rectangle, an oval, or a round. It can be matched specifically to a table top to offer much more flexibility than the Foster or Chapman.

How We Started

We knew we wanted a series of narrow pieces of wood that could all sit next to each other that could wrap around any shape we needed them to. We started thinking about tambour doors, and the ways the pieces fit together. We started with a very classic option of routering channels and grooves that would allow the pieces to slide into each other and hold together on their own. 

This is a very elegant solution, but left much of the base very thin, and as it was a table base that can and will be kicked, we thought it we be best to go a different direction so everything was nice and strong.

Where We Ended Up

With pieces of wood glued next to each other on a wooden circle we could get the same effect without having to make the little grooves and notches that made the wood weak. We took narrow strips, routered the corners to make them nicely rounded, and finished them just like the table top. 

This let us make a fluted dining table base that’s built from the same hardwood as the tabletop, finished with the same hand rubbed finish as the tabletop, sturdy enough to support a hardwood dining table, and flexible enough to fit under any dining table that you want.

The Glenbow is a collection of dining tables in different shapes and sizes, each with a fluted pedestal base that we call the Como base. It can be made into a round extension table, or any kind of extension dining table for that matter. We’ve tried a lot of things to make sure we’ve made this base the best it can be for you, some I didn’t even mention here, but we’re very sure we’ve ended up with the best base for you.

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