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What is a Trestle Table?

What is a Trestle Table?

A Trestle Table is typically a table with 2 legs connected by a stretcher. The 2 legs hold the table up, and the stretcher (or stringer) supports them both structurally and visually.


Why a Trestle Table?

There are 2 reasons why a trestle table can be a great fit for you: stability or design. Let's separate them.


The stringer connects the 2 legs, making them function more as a single base. The legs are always connected to the table, but by connecting them as well further down, they become stronger. It adds an extra brace to make sure the legs don't tip or tilt one way or the other. On many legs this strength isn't necessary, but for some this strength really is. A style like panel legs (Panuke Legs) can tip rather easily as they're quite narrow. There are many ways to stop that from happening, but one of the most elegant is a trestle style stringer.
An Oak Trestle Table with Panel Legs


A Trestle Table also feels more solid than a table with just 2 legs. It looks more solid. The stringer helps the entire table look and feel more like a single solid base. It's a more classic style, and often provides an opportunity for a little more wood which makes the table feel more significant in the space.
In some ways it's as simple as, "do you like the way it looks better with a stringer?". That's a fine way to decide what kind of designs you want.
Trestle Tables are a great classic table design. They can be made with modern stylings or a classic farmhouse feel. They're a really versatile style that can fit a wide variety of homes.
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