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Cline Edge

Cline Edge Picture

Quick Points

  • Square 90 degree corners
  • Square 90 degree edges
  • Sanded lightly to not be sharp, but very definitely corners.
  • Almost 2" thick 
  • Keeps full thickness visually

What is it?

A Cline edge is a traditional dining table edge. It has 90 degree corners and 90 degree edges giving it a tailored look. The edges and corners are sanded enough so as not be sharp but to still have crisp definition. This is similar to the Seymour edge just thicker. 

Why do I want it?

The appeal of the Cline edge is it is a very classic look that visually maintains the dining table’s thickness.  There is predictability to a table, making it easy to seat people around the table.

Where does it suit?

We recommend a Cline edge for tables with thick legs as they match the thickness of the tabletop 


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