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A Table For YOUR Needs

A Table For YOUR Needs

A Table is often the centerpiece of the room it sits in, but a room is about so much more than the furniture in it. A room is a place to come together. At Loewen Design Studios, a table is about a place to come together too.

We make custom tables so they can be perfect not only for your room, but for your gatherings.

A Large low coffee table for making puzzles at

For example, we made a low large coffee table for someone who wanted to do puzzles with their grandkids. It was made so the kids could sit on the floor, and all build the puzzle together. The large space let a lot of people gather around it, and the square shape let them all have about the same reach to the middle of the table. It was a table designed not simply for the space, but also for what they wanted to do with the space.

This is so much of why we design and build custom tables. Not only because a space may need a custom table to fit. Because sometimes what you want to do requires a little bit of custom. So your dining table can be build just for how you want to use it, perfect for you, and your home.

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