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Maximalism in Table Design: A Creative Journey in Your Dining Room from Loewen Design Studios

Maximalism in Table Design: A Creative Journey in Your Dining Room from Loewen Design Studios

A World of Color and Texture: Imagine walking into a dining room where every detail tells a story. Maximalism is like a burst of creativity on your table – it's about embracing vibrant colors, rich textures, and unique patterns. It's where your table isn't just a piece of furniture, but a canvas for your personality. At Loewen Design Studios, we want your table to fit into your space perfectly. That's why we will customize most any part of your table to get you a perfect fit. 

Finding the Perfect Table: Picture a table that catches your eye and holds your attention. It could be a bold live-edge table, showcasing the untamed beauty of wood like the Jasper, or a flamboyant piece with ornate details like our Walnut Pedestal Table. It’s not just about eating; it's about experiencing. We specialize in creating statement pieces to be the heart of your maximalist dining room.

The Art of Mixing and Matching: Maximalism is the freedom to mix eras, styles, and textures. Imagine combining a sleek, modern chair with a rustic, hand-carved table. It's about creating a symphony of styles that somehow harmoniously coexist in your space. 

Balancing the Boldness: While maximalism loves excess, it also respects balance. It's like conducting an orchestra where every instrument has a role to play. Your statement table can shine, but it doesn't have to shout over the decor. It's about finding that sweet spot where every piece contributes to a cohesive whole. Matching a table like the Glenbow with subtle chairs can really make the table shine. 

For more inspiration on creating your unique maximalist space, take a peek around Loewen Design Studios' website. Or if you’re ready to find a table that fits your space perfectly, reach out to us at

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