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Discover the Charm of Pedestal Tables: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Discover the Charm of Pedestal Tables: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Discover the Charm of Pedestal Tables: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Have you ever noticed how certain pieces of furniture not only complete the look of a room but also make life a bit easier? That's exactly what pedestal tables do! These gems are not just a treat for the eyes; they're incredibly practical too. Let me take you through the world of pedestal tables and why they might just be what your home is missing.

The Perks of Pedestal Tables

  • Ever had to play a game of musical chairs because there just wasn't enough room? With pedestal tables, that's a thing of the past. Thanks to their clever design with a central support, you can squeeze in a few extra chairs without those pesky corner legs getting in the way. Perfect for those who love hosting! Our table Jarvis is especially good for this with the racetrack shape. 

  • If you're dealing with a small kitchen table area or a breakfast nook, a bulky table can make it feel cramped. Enter the pedestal table – its sleek design fits beautifully in small spaces, giving you enough surface area without the clutter.
  • Whether you're into the classic charm or the modern minimalist vibe, there's a pedestal table for you. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them a chameleon in the world of furniture. You're bound to find one that speaks to your style. For example our glenbow pedestal table is much different than our bidwell pedestal table and fits a totally different setting.

  • Nobody likes to battle for leg space under the table. The pedestal table's central support often means more room for your legs, making dining or working at the table a more comfortable experience.

Considering the Flip Side

  • If your table is too big it may not work for a pedestal table as it could be too wobbly. But never fear we have a solution for you. We can add two pedestals under your table to give you more support or tables like the glenbow and the chapman we add extra weight for support. If you have a table you love that you think might be a touch to big reach out to us and our table experts can let you know how we can customize to help. 

Pedestal tables are more than just a piece of furniture; they're a stylish, space-saving solution with a touch of comfort. Whether it's a lively dinner party or a morning coffee in a small corner, these tables adapt to your lifestyle. Why not explore how a pedestal table could transform your space? Not quite sure what's right? Reach out to us at with all your table questions.

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