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modern style walnut table in squoval shape on walnut legs
modern style walnut table in squoval shape on walnut legs

Fitzroy Walnut Squoval Table

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A Timeless Walnut Dining Table

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The Fitzroy wood dining table collection is built using Walnut from the North East, it’s as beautiful as it is unique. Walnut is special for the warm tones it brings without the need for any stain, which is why we’ve finished this wood table collection with a natural finish to highlight the color of the natural wood. 

a Live Edge Walnut Coffee table and End Tables set

The Cross Pedestal for this table base is a timeless design, with smooth sweeping lines. The base stays away from where you want your legs and chairs, and yet offers a wonderful elegance sitting under your beautiful walnut dining table.

We’ve designed this collection of walnut dining tables to be a squoval at larger sizes, this shape is a wonderful one that allows you to comfortably sit three or more on the long side of the walnut table and still ensure everyone can make eye contact.

a two part walnut ping pong table that's ready for play

The Fitzroy walnut tables also each have a Fraser Edge, this means that the corners on these walnut tables are all rounded to make them comfortable to move around, and the bottom edge is beveled to make the table feel light in your space. 

We build the Fitzroy with a Squoval to make it easy to use!

Squovals are great on large tables, but ovals and rectangles can suit great spots too!

Each shape seats a little differently, and fits different spaces. If you're looking for something different please reach out to us!

Looking to customize your Fitzroy table?

Whether you’re looking for a different size, color, or shape for your custom wood table, we’re happy to talk to you about it. 

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Learn more about what makes a Squoval Table so great in our blog!




Others seem to love it too, as it has received a compliment from everyone who has encountered it thus far. The table is beautiful and the quality is fantastic. I was able to select between two table tops. Sharon kindly provided me quotes for a couple of other pieces, too. I ended up also purchasing a matching dining bench, which is also great. Lynn and Brian delivered and assembled the table and bench; they were a pleasure to speak to and delivered the items with care. I would absolutely purchase another table from Loewen, and will happily recommend them to everyone and anyone who is considering purchasing a new dining table.

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We're Loewen Design Studios

We build every Fitzroy table to order, designed and built with you in mind. 
We're happy to work within whatever specifications you need. We can customize just about everything. If you have some special requests, or an idea you want built, you've come to the right place.
We build them from solid wood, so they're built to last. It's worth getting it right.

Fitzroy Walnut Squoval Table

$3,980.00 USD
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