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Primrose Steel Legs

Quick Points

  • Corner Post legs

  • 2 x 2 Steel Tube for strength but not too much weight

  • Available in 8 colors

  • Non marking plastic inserts in the bottom of the legs

  • Custom heights available

  • Can be made for coffee tables, dining tables, benches, or anything else

  • The posts slide right out to the corners to be out of the way for chairs and legs from anywhere

More Information

What is it?

A primrose leg is a steel post leg that gets attached to each corner. It is made from 2”x2” steel tube which provides strength without adding undue weight.  These legs come with non-marking plastic inserts to protect your floors.  They can easily be scaled for coffee tables, dining tables, benches, etc.

Can I customize it?

Yes, you can customize the leg to suit your table.  We can make this leg in custom heights and custom widths.  We also have it available in 8 colors:  satin black, gunmetal, silver, satin white, burnt penny, bronze, nickel, and gold. See them here

How does it work with seating?

The primrose is a very practical leg style. Because the posts are in the corners of the table, they do not interfere with chairs or with how guests are seated. 



Primrose legs under a walnut table topPrimrose legs under a walnut table top with chairsPrimrose legs under a walnut table topPrimrose legs under a square walnut table top

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