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Extensions For Your Apartment Table

Extensions For Your Apartment Table

When working with an apartment, creative solutions are everything. At Loewen Design Studios, we are here to make your vision come to life. We offer a variety of smaller dining tables including the Jarvis style and the Waterton style and can make wood tables as small as 24” wide. We can also make wood tables as large as 60” wide.

One way to efficiently use the space is to use an extension table. Extentendable tables are great because in the day they can be small, making them perfect to use for working from home or dinners for two. Then they can be opened up to fit all your friends for an intense game of DND or an extended family dinner. Our wood extension tables that would work well for this would be a Mesa Verde extension table or a racetrack extension table as the racetrack is a perfect combo between a circular table and a rectangular table.

We offer extensions from 12 - 24” wide and our extension tables can start from 24” on. We can also create much larger wood tables such as a 42” x 42” table that is converted into a 42” x 114” table when extended. Reach out if you want to hear more about your options when it comes to extension tables.

If you are in need of an apartment table, I would recommend a white ash Jarvis table. The white ash elevates the space and gives you a nice bright and clean look to your kitchen. The Jennings base is a nod to older styles while still having clean smooth lines to give the wood table a more modern feel.

Overall, when it comes to extension tables, I would recommend the Fundy table. This wood table is available starting at a 42” x 42” square with two 12” extensions that can be added for a full length of 66”. This extendable table is made of solid walnut and features our Caldwell legs whose chevron shape allows lots of legroom and chair room.

Other suggestions for small dining tables are using a wood bench for seating which will take up less space than chairs. If you are curious about our wood bench options that can be combined with our small dining tables, reach out today.


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