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Racetrack Extension Tables: Perfect For Many Scenarios 

Racetrack Extension Tables: Perfect For Many Scenarios 

Racetrack extension tables are the perfect combo of a round table and a rectangle table. The straight sides make it easy to seat people around the wood table while the rounded ends make it easy for people to walk around the table. They are one of our most popular wood tables and for good reason.

We make racetrack tables as center extension tables. What is a center extension table? Center extension tables add more space from the middle of the table. The wood table is split in the middle and can be pulled apart and more leaves added in. The racetrack table allows more of that straight edge to be added for easy hosting.

Why would you consider a racetrack extension table vs a square extension table or a round extension table?

Good question. The round extension table turns into a racetrack table when the extensions are installed making it perfect for very small spaces or wood tables that are used with 4 people or under regularly. The racetrack table is more for a family who is using it as a breakfast and dinner table on a regular basis.

A square extension table is a beautiful wood table but they have corners, a racetrack or circular table removes those corners so they’re easy to walk (or run) around. This is why the racetrack extension table is our most popular wood table for families with children. 

We are happy to customize our wood extension tables and offer them in a variety of finishes and woods, which you can see below.

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