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Blue Moon Paper | Loewen Design Studios Collaboration

We have the best friends who make beautiful products. So we combined our products together.  

Blue Moon Paper is a handmade sticker and accessories shop with a focus on beautiful Bullet journals and stationary. Jordine offered to teach Josh how to create a bullet journal in our studio space. 

We chose to create these journals on our blank table. Its beautiful clean lines really bring out the bright colours and fun patterns of a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Tips from Jordine
1. It's flexible so make it suit what you need.
2. Make sure you plan sizing ahead of time.
3. Feel comfy trying some new stuff, it'll only be with you for a little while

Check out how to make a Bullet Journal!

Check out our table

Dining Table tips from Josh
1. Get a table that matches the size of the space you have, as well as the number of people you want to sit, bigger table for bigger groups!
2. Make sure the table shape suits the area and how you plan on using the table. If people walk by the corner often, maybe soften the corner, etc.
3. Get a style that suits you, the table will last a long time so get one that you love, not jsut one that fits you're current style