The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Here at Loewen Design Studios we love appetizers. You can find us eating charcuterie whenever we can. Earlier this year we produced a blog about our Saguaro table where we styled a table in three different ways. We have had many questions about how we made our appetizers. 

We decided to team up with the experts. CHZ PLZ is an amazing cheese and charcuterie shop local in St. Catharines. They make a variety of sizes of CHZ boxes and boards with local and imported cheese. These boxes are amazing. (we've eaten plenty).

We started out in their shop with Kaelen the Kitchen Manager who showed us their process making Vhz boards of all different sizes. The first step is to put all the cheese than all the rest of assorted fun.

Tips from Kaelen
1. Have a variety of colors on your board for more visual appeal
2. Try something new like pickled onions!
3. Choose cheeses that complement each other

Check out how the board was made!

And then we got to eat it!