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Cleaning your Hardwood Table - Pizza

Cleaning your Hardwood Table - Pizza

I love a good time. I mean, who doesn't? A good time and a pizza party. A Loewen Design Studios table is a wonderful place for a pizza party, we have one here every Wednesday. And this last Wednesday I had an extra pizza party afterward. At that pizza party I got a little carried away, and threw a slice of pizza at the table. So I had to clean the table, so I thought I might show you the process.

It started easy, I picked the slice of pizza up, and I threw it out.

Then I wiped up the grease with a dry paper towel.

Then I wiped it with a damp cloth.

Then I dried it with another dry paper towel.

That did it for me, but if you wanted to go even a bit further, there's a soap you should use. It's made by Rubio, the same people who make the table finish. We'll send you some with your table. a little bit of that and you'll be all set. Also, don't ever use something abrasive when cleaning your table, you'll sand the finish.

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