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How to Choose the Best Color for Your Wood Dining Table!

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Wood Dining Table!

Each of our different wood species can be finished in a variety of colors which we have carefully selected to give you lots of options for your wood dining table!

My first recommendation for choosing the finish that’s best for you would be to get samples. We offer samples of all of our woods in all of our finishes, and then you can see them in your space, with your lighting, next to everything else in your space. This is easily the best way to know what’s ideal for you.

Check out Samples Here!

We offer the same 8 finishes on our White Oak, Rock Maple, White Maple, and White Ash. 

These are 4 cooler tones; White, Steel (light gray), Iron (dark gray), and Black

and 4 warmer tones; Natural, Coconut (medium brown), Espresso (dark brown), and Brick (reddish brown). 

This is one of the important things to know when picking a color for your wood dining table: a warmer tone will look best in a setting with warmer lighting and other warm tones. The natural works well in any color lighting, though the rest will shine their best in warm lighting. The cooler tones will look best in cooler lighting, though the white and black are both more neutral on their coloring. Keep in mind though that these are only suggestions, everything is up to personal preference - another reason getting samples is the best option when possible!

Another important factor when deciding on the color for your wood dining table is the lightness of the wood. White and Natural will always be the brightest, and Espresso and Black will be the darkest. The different types of wood will also change how bright the finish is, Oak for instance will be darker than the Rock Maple. 

We also offer our Walnut in 4 finishes, Natural is by far our most popular and allows the variety of the grain to shine through. The other finishes are Blackened Walnut, Spiced Walnut, and Weathered Walnut. Blackened Walnut, as any other dark finish, reduces the variance of the grain. Spiced Walnut elevates the red and orange tones of the wood, and the Weathered Walnut mutes all those same tones.

If you want any more help finding the right color for your wood dining table, reach out to us in the chat or right here!

We’re happy to help you bring your custom table to life!

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