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How To Customize Your Table | Loewen Design Studios

How To Customize Your Table

At Loewen Design Studios we specialize in custom dining tables, that could be live edge or any other custom wood table. This blog will walk you through our process of customization. 

The beautiful thing about wood is that it’s relatively easy to shape it into something that will serve our purposes. Sure - great tools help a lot and starting with quality materials is also very good. 

For our tops, we try to stay with the standard thicknesses of wood that are available from our local kilns. So 6/4, 8/4 and 10/4 thicknesses are a good starting point. These finish down to 1 ¼”, 1 ¾” and 2” respectively. These planks can be assembled into table tops that are built with one, two or more planks to make up the surface width.

We typically start by asking questions about the tables intended use. 

Depending on how many people you’d like to sit at the table, we would determine an overall size. Depending on the room size, we would offer a table shape and size. The size of the room and the additional big pieces of furniture will affect what all fits. 

It’s not wise to put a table closer than 30” from a solid wall or piece of furniture and the table. Depending on your preference, a traditional rectangular shape may be chosen vs a square, circle or oval. 

Once a size and shape for the top is chosen, an edge treatment can be selected. 

With a top specified, legs need to be chosen. We offer matching wood legs or steel legs in a variety of colors. Check out our option pages to learn about Legs and Edges.

We offer many different colors for our table tops as well as our legs. This will be decided in the customization process. Check out Colors Here!

The whole process of determining what you need and what questions need to be answered is carried out with either Ted or Sharon. Our team will happily walk you through each step.

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Sharon will answer your questions about custom tables or will pass your email off to the person who can best help you. For example, what size table would be best for 6 people or what wood is best for you.

After all questions are answered we can give a quote and a timeline for your table. The average time for table production would be 6 weeks and then shipment arrangement will be 1 to 4 weeks. Bookmatch tables will take 8 weeks for production.


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