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How to Host with an Extension Dining Table

How to Host with an Extension Dining Table

Hosting people can be a wonderfully special moment. It can also be very stressful. A good dining table, specifically a good extension dining table can be a great help.
Let's imagine for a moment. It was August, you confidently told your whole family that they should come to your home for Christmas dinner. It's now December 22nd and now you have to prepare. You've gotten out the fancy plates from storage and you have the turkey. But you're usually only 4 at the table, so you just have a small table. You didn't need a 12 person dining table the other 364 days of the year, so you only have a little one. But thankfully, you have an extension table. So a few leaves go in, and suddenly your table that could seat 8 at the very most, can now seat 12. Everyone can have a place at the dinner table, while you can still have great usable space the rest of the year.
Or maybe it's new years. You're having some friends over for a dinner party. You have a large dining table that easily sits the 8 friends you invited. Suddenly 3 of them bring plus ones that you hadn't counted on. Now instead of 9 you're up to 12, and instead of comfortable everyone's crowded. If you can just slide a little extra table onto the end of your table then everyone can be comfortable again.
When you're hosting there's lots of details to worry about getting right. With a good extension dining table, where everyone's going to sit doesn't have to be one of them. You can have a space for intimate get togethers, or large family gatherings. Especially at the holidays, an extension table can be everything you need to get the most out of your space.
This is the wonder of hosting with an extension dining table. It can flex itself to be what you need it to be. It can suit whatever sort of experience you're looking for.
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