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Embracing Minimalism in Table Design - Insights from Loewen Design Studios

Embracing Minimalism in Table Design - Insights from Loewen Design Studios

Here at Loewen Design Studios, we are committed to creating tables that are perfect for your space. We can do this through a variety of customization options. Minimalism is an aesthetic that our customers have appreciated for the past few years, and our table styles reflect this. 

What is minimalism?

I’m so glad you asked. Minimalism is about “less is more”. It is often shown with clean lines, uncomplicated designs, and neutral colors. This is often inspired by Japanese or Scandinavian design. Minimalism focuses on the functionality of the table as well as the beauty of it. At Loewen Design Studios, we have designed tables such as the Jarvis dining table in Natural Maple or the Beaumont end extension table. These really show off the minimalist aesthetic. Check those out below. 


We use four types of wood at Loewen Design Studios; Ash, Oak, Maple, and Walnut. Of these woods, Maple, Ash, and Oak work best for minimalist designs. Furthermore, finish colors such as natural, white, and black will fit best.


At Loewen Design Studios, we want to make a table that is perfect for you. We do this by customizing our existing table designs to fit your space. When we say “fit your space”, we mean size-wise, style-wise, and amount-of-people-wise. An example of this is taking one of our designs and simplifying it. For example: if you like a Glenbow table but want something a bit more minimalist to match your space, we could switch the Como for a Chapman base. We could also use a more consistently-colored wood like Maple rather than Walnut.

Minimalism helps calm your space by making it feel less cluttered and overwhelming. Minimalism is a style that we specialize in at Loewen Design Studios. Check out some of the minimalist tables that we offer, or reach out to us at to customize a table to fit your needs. 

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