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Why The Parsons Style Table Base Is Great For Seating

Why The Parsons Style Table Base Is Great For Seating

A Parsons Style table base is a classic base, but why is that?

The first thing to note is that a parsons style base has a leg in each corner. This allows it to be one of the most functional table designs. Wherever the legs are on a table, it’s difficult to sit at. A chair can’t be pushed in if there’s a leg sitting right there, and feet can bang into it. 

The Parsons base does something magical, it brings the legs instead of far away from the edge where chairs wouldn’t hit them at all, right to the edge. This means that it is quite unpleasant to sit at the leg of a parsons table, it’s very in the way. 

However, that only happens right on the corner, which is a fairly unpleasant spot to sit regardless of the legs of the table. The legs being pulled out all the way to the corners mean that the entire length and width of the table, except a few inches right in the corners, can be used for comfortable seating, with nothing in the way under the table

Another reason the Parsons style has become such a classic base is due to the skirt on the base. The couple inches of wood inset slightly from the edge of the table are not only how the legs get attached to the table, but also help the table maintain its shape over time. Wood, especially hardwood, is very strong and powerful. Overtime it can want to shift slightly.

 While lots can be done to support the table against these forces, the Parsons style base has it built right in, this skirt uses the strength of wood to combat the strength of the wood, holding itself in place with grain running the opposite direction to keep the table in shape. The skirt also adds a wonderful stylistic touch to the table.

At Loewen Design Studios we have 4 different bases that are this Parsons style, each with their own benefits. Check out our blog on the types of Parsons.


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