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Pedestal Extension Table Design Session

Pedestal Extension Table Design Session

Hi my name is Josh Loewen. At Loewen Design Studios we have the wonderful opportunity to talk to a lot of wonderful people. Sometimes these people have great ideas. Sometimes they have ideas that don't seem possible. When a couple of people seem to want the same impossible thing, we usually try to figure it out. An extension table on a pedestal base is not impossible. It can work. For the table to be stable the base needs to be heavy, or big.


A big base gets in the way when people are sitting at the table. If the base is big enough to support the table when it's extended, then it's too big when the table isn't extended. This makes it awkward to sit at the table.

A heavy base can solve this, but it needs to be VERY heavy. Once a base is getting this heavy, it gets expensive. It needs a lot more wood, metal, or some kind of added weight. Added weight is the most cost effective option, though shipping is still expensive. Adding weight upon delivery is also possible, but complicated. And again, it needs to be a lot of weight. 100 lbs is about where it starts to make a difference.

The biggest issue for a pedestal base on an extension table is the fact that the table changes size. If only the pedestal could change sizes too.


So we made a pedestal that could change size.

We started the design based on the Como pedestal in the Glenbow collection. This base is a wonderful fluted base built from many small strips of wood tight next to each other. The change for this base was to split it into 2 halves. Each half could sit next to each other to make a full pedestal on a standard table. This would give a proper pedestal base for the dining table. It would also split open when the table is extended to give 2 halves. These 2 halves would then support the ends of the table when it's longer to keep it stable.

Then came the hard part, how to make it pretty, strong, and cost effective. I won't bore you with all the details, this took a long time and a lot of tries, but we got there. A full panel the size of one of the strips in the middle hides when the base is closed and a pretty solution when the table is extended. A nice base plate on the floor and bottom of the table finish off the base to give it everything it needs.

The base we've ended up with is one of the most functional and prettiest bases we've ever made. And one of the hardest to figure out. If you need an extension table and like a pedestal base, reach out to us today and let's build your table!

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