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Sundance. Our newest Outdoor Wood Patio Table!

Sundance. Our newest Outdoor Wood Patio Table!

This is our newest outdoor table. It is built with premium craftsmanship and designed specifically to handle the outdoor elements. This table is built to withstand the elements and be beautiful for the years to come. Accoya wood is rated to be under water for up to 25 years.

Accoya wood is sustainable and able to stand up the the elements. Able to withstand any climate from the Ontario winters to the California Summers

Perfect to host gatherings with friends family or your pup companions!

This outdoor patio table comes with a bench and can be paired with a variety of chair options. The Accoya wood is better for the environment than teak and able to better handle the elements without warping or swelling. 

The best part of this table was that it allowed us to hang out with some dogs for the afternoon!

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