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The Glenbow Collection: An Exciting Mélange of Dining Tables!

The Glenbow Collection: An Exciting Mélange of Dining Tables!

The Glenbow Dining Collection is a world of stunning dining tables, expertly designed by Father Son duo Ted and Josh. They've turned inspiration from tambour doors into a myriad of dazzling dining tables. What we’ve ended up with is a collection of tables that while all the same style, are available in any shape and function you need. So I’d like to talk a little about each one, what that shape is good at, and how the base and the table come together to make a great table. 

Our First Stop: The Classic Rectangle Pedestal Table

Picture this: A timeless rectangle dining table morphs into a multi-tasking hero that's just as perfect for feasting as it is for fun-filled game nights. Now, our pedestal may not be the most orthodox choice for a rectangle, but hear me out. It’'s rock-solid stable thanks to a secret ingredient - river rocks. Ideal for tables 42" or wider, this table transforms any meal into a grand banquet. 

 Next, The Versatile Rectangle Dining Table with Legs

Similar to our first stop, but here's the twist: two legs. Yes, you heard it right! Two legs that add an extra dose of flexibility and legroom. This humble hero from the Glenbow Collection offers an all-access pass to comfort and style.

The Showstopper: A Live Edge Table with a Pedestal

Craving some drama? This live edge dining table, especially when crafted from walnut, is the star of the show. Flaunting gorgeous color variations, this stunner stands tall on a Como fluted pedestal base, reflecting its light streak in some of the base pieces. It's the pièce de résistance of the Glenbow Collection and a walnut dining table you won't forget! Try it in bookmatch as well!

An Ode to Space: The End Extension Pedestal Dining Table

Hosting a soiree and need extra elbow room? Just say hello to the extension table. Perfectly paired with a fluted pedestal base, this rectangular beauty opens up at the ends, accommodating your guests with grace.

The Centrally Extended Dining Table with Legs

Here's another gem for those seeking a smidge more space. This table splits open in the middle, preserving its appealing look even when extended. With legs that move with the table, maintaining stability is a breeze. If unsure, just go with the legs!

The Elegant Oval: A Racetrack Pedestal Table

An oval table: a marriage of the rectangular table's functionality and round table's intimacy. Just beware of the limited legroom on the sides due to its narrow shape. But let's not forget, the table's charming shape makes for easier navigation around it. And trust me, those pesky charlie horses won't know what hit them!

The Oval Racetrack Dining Table with Legs

The oval table gets a leggy upgrade! This version retains all the charm of its predecessor while adding the versatility of two legs. Its streamlined shape is mirrored in the legs, elevating the table's aesthetic appeal.

The All-Rounder: Racetrack Center Extension with Legs

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's our Racetrack Center Extension table with legs, embodying the best of both (or should I say, all) worlds! Sporting the versatility of an extension table and the ease of an oval shape, it's a match made in furniture heaven.

The Timeless Classic: A Round Pedestal Dining Table

Nothing screams "classic" louder than a round pedestal dining table. Especially when it's on a Como fluted pedestal. Offering equal legroom all around, it strikes a perfect balance between physical and visual appeal. Warning: may not be ideal for a table that's 30" round or smaller!

The Innovative Twist: A Round Center Extension Table with a Split Pedestal

Imagine a round pedestal table. Now split it down the middle. What do you get? A round center extension table with a split pedestal that turns into a racetrack oval dining table when extended. It's like having your cake and eating it too! This one is a showstopper and our marketing teams current favorite.

The Squared Wonder: A Square Pedestal Table

Last but not least, a square table that loves its pedestal base! A square provides ample legroom and seating space, making it perfect for everyday use. The Como fluted pedestal base turns this table into a conversation starter.


So, what do you think? This is just a sneak peek into our Glenbow Collection. Stay tuned for more shapes, sizes, and coffee and end tables. If you've got a question or a special request, don't hesitate to give us a shout!


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