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route for delivery run in June 2024

Tim's Terrific Travels

We love when we can deliver tables ourselves. We enjoy meeting you and making sure that your table is all set up and ready to go. So every so often we load up a truck and make deliveries to customers in the northeastern US. In mid-June, Ted’s brother, Tim, headed out on one of these delivery runs.

Day 1

His route started out across upstate New York to make his first couple of stops. The end of the day found him in Massachusetts with a couple more deliveries.


 Day 2

The next day included stops in New York City and in Brooklyn. This was a day that required a bit of patience from everyone. Tim found himself stuck in a tunnel for an hour which created some delays. A bus had gotten itself wedged in the tunnel and required some help to get released. Needless to say, we appreciated the understanding of customers whose appointments got a bit delayed.

With the tunnel adventures behind him, Tim left New York for Maryland.



Day 3

And finally, the last day included stops in DC and Virginia before returning home.



 long walnut table on steel legs


Over the course of 3 days, Tim delivered to 12 customers in 5 states. He was able to assemble the tables and ensure that they were ready to use.

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