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Why Is Ash the Best Choice for your Table?

Ash is one of our wood options here at Loewen Design Studios. It is a beautiful hardwood with a unique grain. What are some of the benefits.

Shock Resistant

Ash has a very high density and it is very hard. This is a reason that ash is used for baseball bats and custom tools. It is able to observe shocks of everyday use.

A Classic Look

Ash is nearly indistinguishable in grain from a classic oak table, a look that's been popular in dining tables for centuries. 

Easily Repaired

If Ash is damaged it is easy to repair as it is flexible and takes stain and oil very nicely. It can be re sanded and oiled multiple times throughout its lifetime

Ash vs Oak

Ash is often compared to Oak as they have a similar grain pattern. We choose to use Ash as it is a more cost effective product for a similar result. 



Less Known

More Popular

More Value for Price

Very Expensive



Two Toned

Two Toned