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Why is walnut the best choice for your table? | Loewen Design Studios

Why is walnut the best choice for your table?

Walnut is a premium wood choice. It is the most popular wood for us here at Loewen Design Studios. Why?

The Natural Beauty

Walnut is known for its natural beauty. A favourite of woodworkers for generations. Walnut is known for its strength, durability and vibrant color. 

A Classic Choice

Walnut wood has been the first choice of north american woodworkers since the 1700's. It is the only rich and dark wood that is naturally found in the americas. Walnut is very commonly found in mid century modern furniture for it's classic timeless look.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Why is walnut the woodworkers choice? It is durable and easy to work with, both in building and finishing. It is highly functional is it does not ding easily and is hard to damage. It was used to make fine furniture and cabinetry traditionally but has been used to make all sorts of furniture modernly. 


While many wood species require stain and protective coatings to help tell their story, walnut does not need that help. Walnut's rich coloring comes straight from the wood. This create tables that are all unique, and full of beauty.


It has a solid grain and it's strong making it an ideal choice for dining room tables. It is very easy to repair if damaged, the table can easily be re-sanded and oiled. Walnut is moderately dense and can and will hold up to whatever you throw at it.


Walnut is a lot less common than other hardwoods increasing its value. It is only found in the americas and its used in fine furniture. Because of its cost it is sometimes used as a veneer to get the luxury look without quality that walnut provides. At Loewen Design Studios we use solid wood, not veneer as it is stronger, more durable, and able to be repaired.

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