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The Benefits of a Trestle Table Base

The Benefits of a Trestle Table Base

A trestle dining table base is a wonderful table base both aesthetically and functionally.

So what is a Trestle Base?

A trestle base is generally a table base with a stringer or stretcher that runs along the length of the table, connecting 2 legs that would run along the width of the table. We offer some of our wood legs as both a trestle or as just legs, as well as some bases that are only offered as a trestle. 

Why is a Trestle Base Nice?

So one reason is that it gives the table a different look and feel. It can help anchor the table visually, making it look more well connected with the floor, and it can make the base look more solid. It also carries a certain style, a farmhouse style will often benefit from a trestle, and it has a very classic mid century look as well.

While the trestle style can look more solid than just legs, it also is more solid than just legs. All our legs anchor to the table top, giving them a ridgid point at the top of the legs. The trestle anchors the legs further down closer to the ground, giving them another point which will help hold the legs solid. This is often unnecessary, as the legs are solid enough on their own, but the strength can be beneficial, and in some cases it is necessary for the base’s strength. These are the bases that we only offer as a trestle.

A final perk of a trestle, more of some trestles than others, is that the stretcher running the length of the table can offer a footrest to those who really want somewhere specific to put their feet. We all know one of those people, and sometimes having a specific spot can really help. 


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