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How Does The Black Wood Table Finish Get So Black?

How Does The Black Wood Table Finish Get So Black?

At Loewen Design Studios we work with Rubio Monocoat to finish our tables. With Rubio we’re able to create a variety of finish looks, but the most dramatic look must be the black finish, especially on Ash or Oak. So how is it that this finish gets so very black? And how black is it really?

So first how does the finish get so black? This is with what Rubio calls pre color, it’s a water based stain that goes on before the oil that finishes the table. This process takes a couple of steps, but at the end of it all it’s a wonderfully black table, and then the oil finishes the table to seal it and make it excellent for use. This process also helps the grain pop after the black color is added.

Then the next question is how black is it? And the answer is quite simple, it’s black. It’s consistently black right across the grain on every wood we offer this finish in. It’s as black as the lid to a black permanent marker. And yet the grain still pops out from the table, not physically of course, the table is smooth as anything, but the grain is eye catching, and vibrant. 

It is the same color as the rest of the table, but it catches light slightly differently. As the oil bonds with the fibers of the wood, instead of just coating over the grain, it is able to shine light a little differently, making the entire table come alive in most any setting. It’s beautiful, and very difficult to photograph. But we have done our best, here are some pics of the black finish we’ve done in the past.

If you’re interested in the black finish, I would highly recommend picking up some samples. There's a great value in getting the wood into your home to see how it sits with everything else. Making sure all the different colors all work together. Especially with a finish as dramatic as the black finish, it’s worth getting your hands on it. 

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