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Meet The Loewen Design Studios Team 

Hello, we’re Loewen Design Studios. Well actually, I’m Josh Loewen, but I’m writing this on behalf of the rest of the team at Loewen Design Studios.

Anyway, hi! It’s nice to meet you, or I guess it’s nice for you to meet me. I hope we get to meet you, or at least get to know you a bit as we design your wood table.

We started as a small family business. Over the years our family business has grown to include friends that feel like family. We’ve got a wonderful team of people, everyone knows everyone, and we all know each wood table that comes through our shop. We work together on almost everything, and if you have any questions odds are we’ve talked about it together here. 

What we do is make wood tables. We like to think we make especially good tables. We only make hardwood tables which means that everything that leaves here is made to last a long time. We also make a lot of custom wood tables. We want your wood dining table to be perfect for you and for your home, so we’ll build it exactly to suit your needs and your space. We’ve worked hard to be able to offer custom hardwood tables for a fair price, and on a reasonable timeline. We don’t make the least expensive wood tables, and you might have to wait a couple weeks for your table. However, we do believe we make the best wood tables, and that it’s worth waiting a bit to have the perfect table for the rest of your life. 

So that’s basically us. We make great wood tables, and we’ve got an awesome team to make sure that they’re built right and get to you fast. 

That’s Loewen Design Studios
Let’s build your wood table.