The Best Legs and Bases for Square Wood Tables

When it comes to selecting the perfect table base for your square table, there are a few things to consider. The base of a table is a crucial element in the overall design and functionality of the table, as it provides stability and support for the tabletop. A good table base not only enhances the aesthetics of the table but also ensures that the table is safe and sturdy. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best table bases for square tables.

Baker Base

The Baker Base is a single cross base. Though we most often use it for round tables it is perfect for square tables. The single cross provides a strong base with lots of room for tables and legs. 

Foster Base

The Foster Base is a round pedestal with 90 degree angles. This is perfect if you want a more elevated look. We can also do this with a center extension table square tables. 

Four-Legged Caldwell Base

Caldwell legs are wooden chevron legs and the most popular choice for tables. This would be perfect for very large square tables as it gives the look of a pedestal table but has the strength and balance of a four legged table

Two Legged Caldwell Base:

This would be recommended for smaller square tables. This can work very well for end extension or center extension tables as it has a good balance. 

Sproat Base

The Sproat is our small starburst base that can be made in 8 different colors. This is perfect for a table that is going to be a statement piece. This is also great if you want a pedestal with a bit more room for legs and chairs. 

Primrose or Parker Base

Parsons bases are the most classic form of table base. They are great at using the space efficiently. The Primrose has steel parson legs and the parker has wood parsons legs. Both are perfect for square tables. 

Lewis Base

The Lewis Base is a U shaped leg that is great for having lots of room for legs under the table. They work well for square tables as they offer a lot of support but also don’t take up a lot of space.