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A parsons table to stay with you through life  | Loewen Design Studios

A parsons table to stay with you through life 

Dining tables play a special part in our lives. They are around for all of the big moments. From moving into your first house, to a child's first birthday party, to a graduation, and a wedding.

This Beaumont table is a classic style walnut parsons table that will last with you throughout all of life's moments. The Beaumont table is a parson style table that is made of hardwood, so durable for all of life events. 

From the first fancy dinner party at your new house. 

To your kids first birthday party with all their friends 

To Thanksgiving when way too many people show up….

To the quiet nights when it's just the two of you again.

It can also be customized to be laser engraved with a special memory.


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