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The Advantages of Having An Oak Dining Table

The Advantages of Having An Oak Dining Table

What is it that makes Oak such an excellent wood?

Oak is one of the best hardwoods available. This is for a number of reasons. First, it's very hard. It’s a very solid hardwood that will hold up very well to everyday use for many many years. It will hold up to most everything you have to throw at it. This is why it’s been used for so long in dining tables. 

Oak is also well known for its grain. Oak has a distinct grain pattern with long fine lines running along the wood.

 This is different from any other wood we use. Maple, both Rock and White, have very subtle grain, and when it’s finished the grain can be almost unnoticeable, Ash has a broader grain, making wider lines, and Walnut had an entirely unique grain, with a marbling of a variety of dark brown tones. Oak is most similar to Ash of these woods, but has a slightly more refined and elegant grain pattern.

Oak is a timeless wood. It’s been being used for generations. It will continue to be used for generations. It’s a wood that you can have in your home for the rest of your life and pass along to your children and their children. At Loewen Design Studios we build tables that will last a long time, and oak is a perfect wood for this concept.

If you’re at all unsure of what wood is right for you, or which finish, I would recommend getting some samples. They’re a great way to see how your table will fit into your space before you have to order the whole table.


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