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Delivering Craftsmanship: How Loewen Design Studios Brings Your Perfect Table to Your Doorstep

Delivering Craftsmanship: How Loewen Design Studios Brings Your Perfect Table to Your Doorstep

At Loewen Design Studios, we want to build your perfect table. But we’re in Southern Ontario and you are wherever you call home. So how do we get your table to you? Let’s find out.

We ship a few different ways depending on where you’re located and if you’ve got specific timing in mind. During the design process or once you’ve bought something, we’ll talk you through your best options.

Freight Carrier

If you’re hoping to get your table as soon as possible, your best bet is with a freight carrier. We’ll package up your table - unassembled - with layers and layers of protection to make sure it travels the country safe and sound, with a freight carrier.

Once it leaves our shop, transit time can range from a few business days up to 2 weeks. The carrier will then call you once it’s at a warehouse close to you, to schedule an appointment for your delivery. They won’t try to deliver when you’re not home, to make sure your table doesn’t sit outside for too long. When it comes time for your delivery appointment, the driver team will deliver your table boxes curb-side, and you can bring them inside yourself. For bigger tables, we’d recommend having an extra person or two at home with you to help bring it in. Then at your leisure, you can unbox and assemble it in your home!

White Glove

If you’re based in the United States, we also provide White Glove delivery to most locations. Curious about if this is available in your area? Reach out and we’d be happy to check! This shipping method takes a little longer, but is super helpful if you don’t want to think about bringing in the table and assembling it.

Once leaving our shop, transit time can range from 1-6 weeks to arrive to your door. This depends on how far you’re located from our white glove partners’ “Final Mile Hubs”. Once your order arrives to the hub, they’ll reach out to schedule a delivery appointment with you. The day before your delivery, the warehouse team will check on every piece to make sure they’re in good shape, and then load it on a truck to you.

Once the delivery team gets to your door, they’ll bring the pieces into your house, unpack them, and assemble the table for you. All you have to do is choose where your table will live and clear a path to it.

Our Team

Select areas of the United States are close enough to our shop that sometimes, we can load your table onto our truck and deliver it ourselves. We love meeting our customers and delivering their perfect tables.

If you’re in an area we service, we’ll schedule you onto our next trip and let you know around when we plan to be in town. As we get closer to that timeframe, Sharon will reach out to let you know the date and time our driver expects to arrive. From the date of your order, you can expect to have your table delivered within the following 2 months.

When our driver gets to your door, they might need a hand bringing the table in. We’ll usually let you know in advance if our driver will need a second set of hands. Once the table pieces are inside, they’ll assemble it for you wherever you wish. If you’ve got any questions about the table or anything else, let them know! We’re happy to chat.

Those are the three ways that your table can make its way to you. Got any questions? Reach out and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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