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Wood Seats

Wood Seat

Quick Points

  • Can match your table perfecty 
  • Easy to clean
  • Warm and Firm Seat

What is a Wood Seat and Why do I Want It?

Wood seats match the rest of the chair.  It can be done to match the table exactly, the same wood and finish, for a very consistent look. Wood chairs can also be made of a different wood or different finish than your table. This gives a little more variety to the styling, with a 2 tone look. When it comes to sitting, wood seats are the firmest of the options. Wood seats are the thinnest seats, and do not compress when you sit of them. They are also warm seats.

Why Wood over Fabric?

Wood is easier to clean then fabric and more firm then fabric.

Why Wood over Faux Leather?

Wood has more variety to the styling of the table and is warmer then the faux leather. 

Why Wood over Leather Seat?

Wood is easier to clean then leather and has a wider of variety then leather.

Wood Seat Examples 

Walnut Betzner

Walnut Eaton

Maple Foss

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