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Fabric Seats

Fabric Seat Cover

Quick Points

  • Eight colours to choose from
  • Easy to clean
  • Compresses when you sit

What is a Fabric Seat and Why do I Want It?

Fabric seats, like wooden seats, are quite warm. They are also thicker, and do compress when sat upon. Fabric seats have a protective coating on them, and are made to be cleaned. They have a unique texture to them as well

Why Fabric over Leather?

Fabric is softer then leather and needs less maintenance then leather seats.

Why Fabric over Faux Leather?

Fabric has more texture then Faux Leather. Fabric is also warmer to sit on the faux leather.

Why Fabric over Wood Seat?

Fabric is softer then a wood seat as well as comes in more colourful options. 

Fabric Colors









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