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Bronze Steel Legs

Quick Points

  • We use steel tubes that have more than enough strength to hold up to whatever you have to throw at them without being too heavy.
  • We powder coat all our steel to give a much stronger finish than paint would offer.
  • The bronze color powder coat we use has a smooth satin finish to reflect some light, but not a mirrored finish.
  • The bronze is a very dark color, that can look very similar to black, with a slight gold coloring

More Information

What is a powder coat finish?

These legs are professionally powder coated.  This is the type of finish you get on a car in terms of its durability and wear.  

What are the steel legs made of?

Our steel legs are built of steel tubing, providing you with legs that are more than strong enough to support any table while still being a reasonable weight themselves. 

What is the bronze finish like?

The bronze powder coat we use has a smooth satin finish.  This means that it will reflect some light but it isn’t highly reflective like a mirror or high gloss finish. The bronze is very dark and can appear similar to black in some settings.  The slight gold tones give this color some interesting depth.



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