Square End Extension

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Quick Points

What sorts of spaces Squares are good for?

A Square table is great for a space that is as long as it is wide.

How the shape affects table use?

A Square is an interesting shape of table as it helps everyone around the table to see each other. This makes for great conversation.  

How End Extension works?

A Nautley edge is a great choice for rectangular dining tables and for coffee tables. Because the desired effect is to create a lighter looking piece, it is usually applied to tops made with 6/4 thick planks rather than 8/4.

How they compare to rounds?

Round and Square Extension Tables both work well in square shaped spaces in their everyday form. With extensions added, the square table becomes a rectangle and the round becomes an oval. With a square you can choose either end extension or center extensions while with a round, the extension have to be added to the middle.

How they compare to rectangles?

A Square End Extension Table is similar to a rectangle extension table in that they both add leaves to the ends and create a rectangle or at least a larger one when the leaves are in place.  A Square End Extension Table, though, is a great solution for a smaller space as the everyday size is smaller, typically perfect for 2-4 people.

They can be center extension tables?

Alternatively, a Square Extension Table can have the leaves added to the middle of the table. This would be called a Square Center Extension Table.


Square End Extension Table.Square End Extension Table.Square End Extension TableSquare End Extension Table

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