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Round Table

Square Center Extension

Quick Points

  • Conversation flows well around these tables
  • Very friendly, everyone can always be seen
  • Available as an extension table

What sorts of spaces Round are good for?

A round dining table functions well in a square shaped space.

How the curve affects table use?

The curved edges of a round table improve traffic flow around the table making it a perfect choice for high traffic spots like in a kitchen.

How they compare to ovals?

Round and oval tables both have an inviting organic shape that are friendly for traffic flow. A round dining table will fit into square shaped spaces while an oval dining table will fit into more rectangular spaces. 

How they compare to Squares?

Round tables and square tables both fit into similar spaces. The main difference is that a circle is more organic in shape while a square lets us use the corners. Corners are great for squeezing in an extra person or two, while the organic shape can improve the flow of your space.

They can be extension tables?

A round extendable table is definitely an option.  In this case the leaves are added to the middle of the table, making it into a racetrack shape.


Round TableRound TableRound TableRound Table

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