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Hamelin Edge

Hamelin Edge Picture

Quick Points

  • 15 degree slight angling away on the bottom, cut the full height of the table.
  • Square corners
  • An elegant base that nicely compliments some angular styles (Atlin Legs)

What is it?

On wood dining tables with a Hamelin edge the edges are all cut at a 15 degree angle on the full thickness of the wood. To highlight the full bevel, the corners of this table are square.

Why do I want it?

A Hamelin edge creates a sophisticated look. As the side angles away from the guests, it subtly allows more space for guests to sit comfortably. 

Where does it suit?

We recommend a Hamelin edge in spaces with strong architectural lines.  It pairs particularly well with angular steel legs.


A Hamelin Edge.A Hamelin Edge.

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