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Astoria Edge

Astoria Edge Picture

Quick Points

  • Rounding top and bottom edges
  • Rounding the corner
  • No sharp corners, soft and comfortable

What is it?

Wood dining tables with an Astoria edge have rounded corners (3” radius) and all the sides are gently rounded on the top and on the bottom.

Why do I want it?

The appeal of the Astoria edge is that there are no sharp edges or corners which makes it comfortable to sit at and also easy to walk around.  The Astoria edge essentially softens the look and feel of the table.

Where does it suit?

Our Pelee Collection features our Astoria edge. It is a great choice for rectangular dining tables and for coffee tables.


A astoria edge.A table with an Astoria Edge.A table with an Astoria EdgeA Astoria edge on a coffee table.

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