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Berland Edge

Quick Points

  • Large Round along the long edges
  • Flat ends with square corners
  • Round but very modern
  • Keeps full thickness with softened edges

What is it?

Wood dining tables with a Berland edge have a full rounding on the long sides of the table with squared off ends.

Why do I want it?

Table with a Berland edge have a strong presence in a space as this edge highlights the thickness of the wood.  At the same time, the rounded, or bullnose, sides make it comfortable to use.

Where does it suit?

A Berland edge is well suited to thicker rectangle table tops as it celebrates the beefiness of the wood.


An image of the end of a table with a Berland EdgeAn Ash Dining Table with a Berland EdgeA Dining Table with a Berland Edge and a Canonto BaseAn Ash Extension Table featuring a Berland Edge on All Edges

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