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Racetrack Table


Quick Points

  • Easy to move around, good for conversation
  • Seats slightly fewer than a rectangle of the same dimensions
  • Available as an Extension Table

What sorts of spaces Ovals are good for?

An oval table fits well in a space that is longer than it is wide.

How the curve affects table use?

With no straight edges on the table, an oval is great for traffic flow.  People can easily move around the table. With the curve, the ends become rather narrow, making it less than ideal for seating.

They can be extension tables?

The racetrack shaped table can be an extendable table.  The leaves in this case add to the middle of the table.  Please note that this design also requires that the grain runs across the width of the table.  

How they compare to racetrack ovals?

The straight sides on a racetrack oval make it easy to seat people on the long sides of the table.  The continuous curve of an elliptical oval table creates an eye-catching dining table but can make it difficult to fit quite as many people at the table.

How they compare to rectangles?

Rectangular tables and oval tables both fit into similar spaces. The main difference is that an oval is more organic in shape while a rectangle lets us use the corners. Corners are great for squeezing in an extra person or two, while the organic shape can improve the flow of your space.


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