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There's something great about something handmade. There's something great about something real. That's why we're proud to say that our tables are handmade from solid hardwood.

New to our collection is our rustic style tables. These aren't just designed — they're crafted. The distinctive texture on the planks, a result of real saw marks, add a farmhouse charm. Even better, these marks still leave the table easy to use.

Our commitment to quality is present in every step. Each table goes through sanding and sealing more than once. This ensures a smooth finish, retaining the right amount of texture from the saw marks.

These marks absorb more stain, highlighting the wood's textured finish, showcasing the rustic-ness. Rustic-osity? Rustic-y nature? Farmhouse vibes? It makes the texture that's so wonderful in these pieces shine.

Another thing setting our rustic textured tables apart from the standard smooth tables are the finishes we offer. Choose from:

  • Mocha: A deep shade of brown, reminiscent of the earth.
  • Cinnamon: A warm hue with playful reddish-orange nuances.
  • Smoke: A contemporary grey, intensified at the saw marks.
  • Wheat: A subtle fusion of brown-grey, almost like a delicate whitewash.

All these finishes compliment the textured tables, and are great in a variety of farmhouse and rustic settings.