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White Oak

oak white swatch

Quick Points

  • Oak is a classic hardwood that is strong with a beautiful grain.
  • The White finish gives the wood a white wash, keeping the grain alive white whitening the entire table.
  • The oak wood with a White finish is all very consistently white, with slight variation between the grain, which is slightly whiter, and the rest of the wood, which is slightly browner, though it is all very white.

Tell me about Oak Wood

Oak is a hardwood which means that it won’t easily be scratched in regular use.  It is a popular choice because of its beautiful grain.

Tell me about the White Finish

Our White finish whitens the whole table. On oak, the two tone effect in white is quite muted. The grain becomes more white than the rest of the table so it can still be seen with the overall table being quite white.

Other Woods with a White Finish