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Chesbro Wood Legs

Quick Points

  • Chevron Shape Legs with a curved base

  • 25” wide at the top, 25” wide at the bottom

  • Made from 8/4 thick walnut for plenty of strength

  • Made to match your table top’s wood and finish

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Custom heights and widths available

  • There are 2 angled verticals on each long side of the table which can interfere with chairs and legs in those specific spots

  • From the end there is room to stretch legs through

More Information

What is it?

The chesbro leg is similar to the caldwell. The difference is that the portion on the floor is curved instead of angled. It is made from 8/4 thick wood for strength.  The type of wood and the finish will be the same as the table top.  At the top it is  25” wide and on the floor it is 25” wide.  It comes with adjustable feet to help level the table.

Can I customize it?

Yes - you can customize the height and width of the legs to suit your table.

How does it work with seating?

The nature of the chesbro leg design means that the person on the end should be able to stretch their legs through it.  We typically inset the legs about 14” from the end.  If you prefer that they’re placed differently, we can definitely do that.  On the sides of the table, there are two angled verticals that may make it difficult to tuck chairs all the way in right at those spots.  Similarly, if someone needs to sit right where these verticals are, they will need to adjust accordingly.



chesbro leg in walnut under a walnut tablechesbro leg in walnut under a walnut tablechesbro leg in walnut under a walnut tablechesbro leg in walnut under a walnut table

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