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Tobin Wood Table Base

Quick Points

  • T shaped leg with Trestle Base

  • The base is sized to suit the table top it’s paired with

  • Made to match your table top’s wood and finish

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Custom heights and widths available

  • The legs come out at 2 points and chairs can easily be tucked in over them

  • From the end chairs can’t be tucked in past the legs, but legs and feet can find space around them easily if necessary.

More Information

What is it?

The tobin base has two T shape legs joined by a stringer.  This wood base has a traditional feel to it.  For consistency, the type of wood and the finish will be the same as the table top. The specifics of the size of the base will depend on the size of the top it’s paired with. These legs come with adjustable feet to help level the table.

Can I customize it?

Yes - you can customize the height of the base to suit your table.

How does it work with seating?

With the tobin base, the nature of the design means that chairs are generally well accommodated. From the end, chairs won’t be able to tuck in past the T, but it is generally inset enough that this isn’t an issue. Guests’ legs can certainly find space around the legs as needed. On the sides, chairs and legs can easily navigate the legs.



walnut tobin base under a walnut extendable tablewalnut tobin base under a walnut extendable table

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