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Como Wood Base

Quick Points

  • Cylinder Base

  • The base is sized to suit the table top it’s paired with

  • Made to match your table top’s wood and finish

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Custom heights available

  • The base is a fluted pedestal base style base

More Information

What is it?

The como base is a wood cylinder. It gives a table a modern feel.  The size of the cylinder is adjusted based on the table top to ensure stability. The base is made in the same wood and finish as the table top and it comes with adjustable feet to help level the table. It is fluted all the way around the table.

Can I customize it?

Yes - you can customize the height of the base to suit your table.

How does it work with seating?

As a pedestal base, the como base makes it easy to tuck chairs in or to sit around the table.  The one exception is with a small or narrow table, the base can be a bit close to the side of the table. As a result we recommend it for larger tables.



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