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Estling Wood Table Base

Quick Points

  • Parsons Style Base with Exposed legs

  • The skirt will sit 2.5” down from the bottom of the table

  • The legs are 3.5” square and sit in the corner

  • Made to match your table top’s wood and finish

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Custom heights available

  • The Parsons style keeps the legs far into the corners  so there is lots of space to tuck in chairs and for legs and feet underneath

  • Optionally the top of the leg can be uniquely laser engraved

More Information

What is it?

The estling base is a classic parsons base with the legs coming through the top of the table.  This wood base has an inset skirt that is typically about 2.5” wide and 3.5” square corner posts.  For consistency, the type of wood and the finish will be the same as the table top. The specifics of the size of the base will depend on the size of the top it’s paired with. These legs come with adjustable feet to help level the table.

Can I customize it?

Yes - you can customize the height of the base to suit your table.

How does it work with seating?

With the estling base, because the legs are in the corners, there is lots of room for legs and for chairs to tuck in.



rock maple table on estling basewalnut table on estling basewalnut dining table on estling baseash table finished in white on estling base

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