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Jennings Wood Table Base

Quick Points

  • Tulip style pedestal

  • The base plate and the post are sized in accordance with the table top

  • Built to match the thickness of your table top

  • Made to match your table top’s wood and finish

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Custom heights available

  • Pedestal allows for chairs to be tucked in anywhere though it they may need to be lifted onto the base plate

  • Legs fit freely anywhere they need to be, except the very center of the table

More Information

What is it?

The jennings base is our version of a tulip pedestal base.  It is made of wood, has a round or oval base on the floor and a curved post. The size, shape and color or the base is made to suit the table top. The base comes with adjustable feet to help level the table.

Can I customize it?

Yes - you can customize the height and width of the legs to suit your table.

How does it work with seating?

With the jennings base, the nature of the design means that chairs can tuck in anywhere around the table, though they might need to be lifted onto the base plate in some spots. Similarly guests’ legs fit comfortably anywhere with the exception of the very center of the table which can be just a bit tight.



Jennings base in ash finished in whiteJennings base in walnutJennings base in walnut Jennings base in walnut under a round table

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