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Racetrack Extension

A Racetrack Oval Extension Dining Table

What sorts of spaces Racetracks are good for?

A racetrack dining table is a rectangular table with rounded ends.  This means that it fits well into spaces that are longer than they are wide.

How the curve affects table use?

The curve on the ends of the table improves traffic flow as it gives people a bit more room to move around the table.

How Center Extensions works?

Center extensions are the classic design for table leaves. The table pulls open and leaves are added in with pins to help secure them in place. With center extensions, the grain on the whole table, including the leaves, runs the width of the table.

How they compare to ovals?

We recommend a Seymour edge for all of our shapes of tables, especially for extendable tables.

How they compare to rectangles?

A square end extension table is similar to a rectangle extension table in that they both add leaves to the ends and create a rectangle or at least a larger one when the leaves are in place.  A square end extension table, though, is a great solution for a smaller space as the everyday size is smaller, typically perfect for 2-4 people.


Racetrack Maple Center Extension Table in a home.Racetrack Center Extension Table.Racetrack Center Extension TableRacetrack Center Extension Table

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